Leader’s Fool: Lessons from The Tudors (TV Series)

Even if you did not see The Tudors (a Showtime TV Series), I am sure you have heard of Henry VIII, the notorious ruler of 16th century England. I recently watched the show and was transfixed by its portrayal of Henry VIII and its stunning recreation of his court and its political maneuvering.

More to the point, his rule and his court have many lessons for us businesspeople. The TV show contains an insightful presentation of the roles of leaders, managers and teachers (also known as coaches or guides) and the dynamics of their relationships.

Henry had many managers, all of whom died during his reign. Two of them were executed by the King’s order. He also had many appointed counsels. But he did not listen to any of them. He did listen to one person though, the only one who told it to him “like it is” and lived on to tell the tale. Who was he and why did Henry put up with him?

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Leader vs Manager vs Teacher: Lessons from Star Trek, the Next Generation

“The teacher does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.” ~ Khalil Gibran

How is a teacher, a coach, or a guide different from a leader or a manager?

Because it’s not such an easy question to answer, I got some help from one of the most beloved cult-classics of our time: The TV series Star Trek, the Generation.

You don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to appreciate the key distinctions it brings out among these three roles.

And who knows, if not a fan, perhaps you will be one after watching some of the clips I have included in the article.

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See you at the next Star Trek convention!