Authentic Business: Truth as a Strategy in Business-Building

It’s a common misconception. We often think that conveying sophistication and excitement in our sales and marketing is the best way to engage potential clients.

Not according to Doug Hall, the CEO of Eureka! Ranch. In his best-selling series of books, Mr. Hall often emphasizes that communicating with authenticity, sincerity and straight-talk is a better marketing strategy.

How often do you think about your sales and marketing message? What does your marketing message convey to the marketplace about your business? Would you rather be perceived as authentic and sincere or exciting and interesting?

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Why Businesses Fail

OK, enough being a nice guy. Here’s why I really think 95% of the businesses fail: Motivational Speakers!

They go on uttering three of the most dangerous words I know in English language like a mantra, not realizing their consequences, nor fully understanding what they really mean. What are these words? Visit this page and find out: What You Thought Your Business Would Be.

How did this come about? I recently spoke to a group of folks who were in the process of starting their own businesses. As I was putting together the followup resources for the group, I realized that many of the lessons apply more to those of us who have been in business for quite some time.

In fact, I think that the business owners who have been in business for a while will appreciate this message much more than those who have never experienced the trials and tribulations of owning, building and operating a business of their own.

Don’t be so quick to agree (or disagree) with me though! Visit this interactive page and make up your own mind: What You Thought Your Business Would Be. You can vote things up or down, duel it out in a debate and make your opinions known.

Wishing you a very happy success!