It’s 2012: Are You Evolving Beyond Your Selling System?

A selling system, often referred to as a process or a method, has a purpose and can be very helpful in selling. Too often, however, what’s supposed to serve us and free us up takes over and holds us hostage. We become beholden to the selling system instead of it serving us. This is when it stops being a tool to make us effective at selling and becomes a burden that we must carry.

>> Sales Failure (How Selling Systems are Failing Salespeople)

Perhaps your selling system is something that you learned from a training program like Sandler Selling, Dale Carnegie, SPIN Selling, Brian Tracey, Solutions Selling, Strategic Selling or many of their derivatives. May be it is something you have developed over time on your own. Or may be it’s a combination of what you learned and what you developed yourself.

If you are like many sales professionals I know, you may have found yourself in a place where the System is sabotaging you instead of helping you. If that’s the case, I think there is an alternative that allows you to keep the best elements of your selling system but transcend those that don’t serve you any more.

How does the flow of water respond to a situation? With absolute perfection without losing its flow – it nature – and its playfulness. Can the same become true for your selling system? I invite you to take a look at an alternative to selling system – a Selling Non-System – that allows you flow with the unforeseen things that the prospect throws at you and respond appropriately without being beholden to a Selling System.

>> Sales Failure (How Selling Systems are Failing Salespeople)

Sales Problems and Solutions

As I speak to business business owners, they tell me that sales is still their number one issue. If you have sales problems, you are not alone.

We live in difficult times. Businesses today need fresh ideas for bringing in sales and revenues. That’s why, I have created an interactive article, called Sales Problems and Solutions, that lays out untraditional solutions to some of the most common sales problems.

Read Sales Problems and Solutions.

Wishing you a very happy success!