Leader vs Manager: Myths and Misconceptions

What do the movies Batman (The Dark Knight), Jurassic Park and Wall Street have to teach us about being a leader versus being a manager? Plenty, I think.

On this interactive page, you get to take some super-short and fun quizzes (if you so choose) and learn a thing or two about how the myths and misconceptions propagated by the folklore of the ages could be dangerous, even disastrous for businesses and organizations.

More here: Leader vs Manager (Myths and Misconceptions)

High Performing Organization: The Missing Element

May be it’s the economic problems that’s causing people to flail around for solutions. But lately, one of the “flavors of the decade” in business management theories is getting some renewed attention. This management theory is loosely termed High Performing Organization or High Performance Organizations. In the past it has disappointed. How will it fair this time around? Will it be able to deliver on its promise of strong business performance? That’s what I have covered in yet another interactive article.

Here’s an excerpt:

“We have made tremendous advances as humanity in the fields of science and technology. Yet, when it comes to managing people, we are not that different from the way the Egyptians built their pyramids or the Romans built their civilization, which is to own those we lead and use fear to get them to do what we want them to do. Today, that ownership comes in form of pay or salary which could be taken away if the employee failed to perform in a certain way or achieve expected results.”

Read more here: High Performing Organization

Business Lessons from Presidential Elections

Who is the best candidate to beat President Obama in the 2012 elections: Rick Perry or Mitt Romney?

I know, it’s too early to speculate. However, I have created a way for us to pretend that we actually learn something about business when we follow presidential politics. So if you love politics and also love business, here is a place where you can connect the two.

Once there, you can say your piece in a debate, participate in polls, give some advice to the candidates or just simply lurk and take it all in.

Here is an excerpt:

“I don’t have a horse in the race. I am registered “unaffiliated” in the state of Maryland. (How boring? I know.) Do I have subconscious preferences and biases? Perhaps. Opinions? You will be reading them shortly! But in the end, this page is my sincere attempt to keep it neutral to all parties.

This page is not about issues, nor is it a debate on who is right and who is wrong. It looks at politics purely from the viewpoint of a strategic game. Win or lose. That’s it. Do I care about the issues? Yes. Do we talk about them here? Not really, except when they are a strategic part of winning the election.”

You can visit this interactive page here: Business Lessons from Presidential Elections.

(You can read and follow the links on this interactive page without being a member. To be able to participate in some of the interactive stuff, you will have to sign up for Squidoo, which is quick, easy and free. On a side note, it’s a terrific tool for you if you are passionate about something and want to tell the world about it.)

Wishing you a very happy success!