Are You – and Your Business – Sales Sufficient?

Before a person can help others, she must be self-sufficient. Before a business can help its clients, it must be sales-sufficient.

Like it or not, sales is the air in a business’ lungs. No sales means no customers, no revenues, no cash-flow, no income, no growth, no glory.

At Awayre, LLC, much of the work we do with our clients is at the “top-line” as that’s where a business has most leverage. At least theoretically, the amount of sales you can bring in has no upper limits. Cutting costs, on the other hand, can go only so far in making a business profitable.

That’s why, I have put together some non-traditional resources that would help a business bring in enough sales and remain sales sufficient, even when the business environment is not favorable.

The first resource below is a nice way to analyze where you may be going wrong in your approach to sales.

Unceremoniously, it’s called: Sales Problems (Click the link to read more)

Don’t underestimate the power of knowing your sales problems and their underlying causes. Once you know where your problems lie, the solutions are often a matter of common sense. The above resource helps you pinpoint what your sales problems are and offers corrections.

The second resource is: Sales Problems and Solutions

Here, you get to look at top seven sales problems that most businesses face and 7 sets of corresponding strategies to fix them, once and for all.

You may have been sold quite a bit on the idea of having a selling system in your business. I am quite familiar with the idea myself, as for 5 years I sold and taught a selling system. But hindsight is 20/20.

Today, as I look at the success I have had in helping my clients, I realize that my part in their success was not just to help develop a system but to transcend it. It’s like driving a car. You can’t be effective in driving a car as long as you are aware of the “system” you have for driving the car.

I have come to believe that a good business follows a system in selling. But a great business goes beyond a system and builds a sales culture based on awareness and mindfulness, not manipulation and obsessive maneuvering.

Here I present you this no-system way of selling: Selling Non-System

The final resource is a book. It’s called Jump Start Your Business Brain. If you did not listen to anything I have shared above and did just one thing, I would say buy this book and study it.

Mind you, the book is not perfect. Far from it. But it remains on my list of top five books to read for a business leader, especially those who own their own businesses.

Here is my review of the book: Jumpstart Your Business Brain

Once again, here are the resources I mentioned above:

Sales Problems: Analyze and correct 22 sales behaviors
Sales Problems and Solutions: 7 most recurring sales problems and solutions
Selling Non-System: How to sell without being a salesperson
Jumpstart Your Business Brain: A resource for building your brand and message

I hope these resources give you some ideas, tools and inspiration to make your business more sales sufficient.

Book Review: Jumpstart Your Business Brain

I don’t know if you’ve heard, there is something wrong with the world economy lately. As I talk to business owners and executives, the most complaint I hear is that their sales are down and they have to sell at lower margins to keep them coming. In helping such businesses search for creative solutions to their sales problems, I just wrote a review of a book that I have been following, practicing and teaching for years. Let me tell you, there has never been a time when this book was more relevant than now.

But I need to be up-front. If you are looking for a quick-fix to sales issues, this book won’t help. However, if you are willing to take a strategic, big-picture view of your marketing and selling and can patiently build – and rebuild – your product suites in order to take your business to the next level, this book might be just what you are looking for.

Here’s an excerpt

“Instead of product development, Jumpstart Your Business Brain addresses Marketing Concept Development and naturally leads into areas of marketing, branding, strategy and business’ mission development, not to mention research and development as well as product reinvention. I have given away over a hundred copies of this book to my clients as gifts, urging them to read and digest the principles outlined in this book…”


“While a terrific read with great ideas, Jumpstart Your Business Brain is a theoretical model, an intellectual framework that remains just that until a business customizes it for its use. There are many challenges that present themselves as a business begins to implement the ideas presented in this book…”

Read the review here: Jumpstart Your Business Brain.

Wishing you a very happy success!