Uplifting Movies with a Message

To celebrate the start of the Holiday Season, I want to share with you a collection of uplifting movies I have personally put together, each with a stirring message.

What do uplifting movies have to do with business? Everything, as far I am concerned. You see, I think that businesses have become too stuffy and overly intellectual lately, sucking life out of most workplaces. No wonder people don’t like to go to work! These movies stir up something deep inside. May be you will agree with my selection of 9 movies, may be you won’t. (You can point out the movies that *should be* on the list.) Either way, I think you will walk away with something new you didn’t think about before.

Check it out here: Uplifting Movies

Wishing you a very Happy Success, and Happy Holidays.


Satori Quotes: An Insight into Nothingness

A sudden, intuitive insight. An insight into nothingness. An aha! moment. Those are some of the ways a Satori experience is often described.

For most of us, a Satori experience is short-lived, a fleeting moment or a few seconds at most. But it’s also possible to experience extended lengths of Satroi. In fact, it’s possible to live in Satori for extended periods of time. Some people live there permanently.

In my experience, True learning consists of a series of Aha! moments, however short-lived they may be. Most learning, as we call it today, consists of loading information into our minds, putting more stuff on top of the stuff we have already collected. Satori learning happens through the gaps between our thoughts from which the Universal mind can flow.

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Wishing you a very happy success!