Why Businesses Fail

OK, enough being a nice guy. Here’s why I really think 95% of the businesses fail: Motivational Speakers!

They go on uttering three of the most dangerous words I know in English language like a mantra, not realizing their consequences, nor fully understanding what they really mean. What are these words? Visit this page and find out: What You Thought Your Business Would Be.

How did this come about? I recently spoke to a group of folks who were in the process of starting their own businesses. As I was putting together the followup resources for the group, I realized that many of the lessons apply more to those of us who have been in business for quite some time.

In fact, I think that the business owners who have been in business for a while will appreciate this message much more than those who have never experienced the trials and tribulations of owning, building and operating a business of their own.

Don’t be so quick to agree (or disagree) with me though! Visit this interactive page and make up your own mind: What You Thought Your Business Would Be. You can vote things up or down, duel it out in a debate and make your opinions known.

Wishing you a very happy success!