Simplicity Brings You Focus

Roundup for Weeks Ending Oct 16, 23, 30

One way to protect against being overwhelmed with information is to just focus on one of the main business areas for improvement in a given week or month or even quarter. I like to divide a business organization into 4 main parts: 1) sales, marketing & branding, 2) operations, product development & customer service, 3) finance, legal, HR & IT, and 4) management & leadership. You can even go deeper in one those areas and focus on those. simple_but_not_simpler_einstein_ii

For instance, you can focus just on sales one week, marketing the next and then branding the following week. Ask yourself: which one area do I want to focus on in my company, my work-team and my circle of influence this week for improvement?

TIP: You don’t always have to focus on your weakest area. You can also focus on one of the strongest areas. One of the best strategies for businesses is to operate around its strengths. You can always make your strongest facet even stronger and maintain that edge in the marketplace.

Here we go…

Leadership and Management

Managers: When you meet your employees, how do you structure your conversation? #awayre (How Clear Communication Contributes To Successful ProjectManagement)

How often do you ask your employees for feedback? What would happen if you did it more often? (Everything you need to know about employee pulse surveys)

Why repatriated expats often make great employees. #awayre (Are Expats and ‘Repats’ the next unicorn candidates?)

Being an a-hole is NOT a good leadership strategy! #awayre (Jerks Be Warned: You’re Never Too Busy to Be Nice)

You have a business plan even when you think you don’t have it. The question is: Have you written it down? #awayre (What a Business Plan can do for You)

Sales, Marketing, and Branding

What’s the probability of closing a sale at each how_do_you_structure_conversationstage in your sales pipeline? (Sales Pipeline Stages and Probability Percentages)

Is your customers’ perception of your company consistent across social media channels? (The Importance of Brand Consistency on SocialMedia)

Are your customers receiving conflicting messages about your company from different channels? (How to Deliver A Seamless Customer Experience Across Digital Channels)

Test: Do you think it’s important to *engage* your prospective customers? (How To Create Brand Loyalty With Your Small Business Customers)

Comprehensive yet un-fluffy (it’s a word now!) (The Ultimate Guide to Building Your PersonalBrand: The step-by-step playbook)

Does your branding drive your operations and your culture or is it only a marketing-brochure deep? #awayre (The best branding comes when you align what you SAY with what you DO)

Innovation, Operations, and Customer Service

Would your customers engage with your company more if they thought it was fun? (Optimizing Customer Retention Through Gamification)

Legal, Finance, Insurance, Taxes, HR, IT

We are nearing the end of 2016. Is it time to start getting your financial house in order? (Financial yearend: the ultimate survival guide)


It’s not just a theory, by the way. It’s common sense and oh so true. “…while people buy quarter-inch drills, what they actually want are quarter-inch holes.” Also, this is not just you_have_a_business_plantrue in strategy but also in sales and marketing.  (The question about ‘grand strategy’ that made Tim Cook unhappy on Apple’s earnings call was based on a Harvard professor’s theory that is uncomfortable reading for Apple)

Ever wonder how Pokemon Go makes money? #awayre (Revealed: Secret Strategies of World’s Most Lucrative Apps)

But… you can always have ONE flagship product and then create variants of it. (How Malcolm Gladwell and spaghetti sauce helped me build a company)

Productivity and Mindfulness

How do you *feel* when you procrastinate? (How to Stop Procrastination and Accomplish Your Daily Goals)

I say they are more relevant now than ever. #awayre (Are the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Still Relevant?)

TIP: Just because you detest office politics doesn’t mean others won’t be political with you. #awayre (Winning in Office Politics: Lessons from Game of Thrones)

Ask yourself: How can I be relaxed while in control? (How to control your business vs. having it control you)

ONE WAY to get different results is to change your habits. (Transform Your Habits)

‘Till next time,


Is your business built around your people’s strengths? You can find out here by taking Business Health Check AQ. It’s free and comes with a strategy guide to help you leverage your people’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.

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