Knowledge is a Distraction, Not Power. Unless…

Weekly Roundup Ending 10/2/2016 and 10/9/2016

“Knowledge is power,” it’s been said. That may have been true 30 years ago. Today, I think the opposite is true. Knowledge, the way the word is used by most of us – to describe the accumulation of information we hold in our memory banks – actually inundates and overwhelms. Too much information, because it overwhelms our ability to process it and everything_thats_you_halloweenmake it practical, is useless. To really find meaningful nuggets of information, we must know one thing more than anything else: ourselves. As we are exposed to more and more information, we need to find deeper and deeper core of who we are: what roles we play, what’s important to us, and what our priorities are. Then, even one piece of information, if understood well and applied with sincere understanding, will have the ability to bring a meaningful change in an important aspect of our lives.

It’s not just important to know who we are, however; it’s also important to have the strength and the discipline to ignore what’s not relevant to us at any given time. That’s one reason I produce these round-ups. Take one thing if you can and leave the rest. It will be here if you ever feel the need to review or revisit it.

Leadership and Management

Ask yourself: Do I need to change the deeper, unconscious values and beliefs of our people? Why? (Company Culture can kill change)

Strategy Pallete: What a cool idea! I would add “competition” to the mix, however. (How leaders need to match their bizstrategy with their business environment)

“Guiding Principles” is one way to keep an organization focused.(Guiding Principles For Planning And Scheduling)

Opinion Alert: I think a manager’s job is to cultivate self-motivated individuals, not to motivate people who are not willing to motivate themselves. (Easy Wins to Create Unstoppable Waves of Motivation)

Which sport best resembles your workplace? (Sporting Psychology In The Workplace)

If you “employee-shared,” would you know how to manage them? (Employee Sharing – The New Employee-Employer Relationship)

Be awesome at remote working or don’t do it at all. (11 Ways to Be Totally Awesome at RemoteWork)motivation_managers_job

Branding, Marketing, and Sales

What is your “brand promise?” (The best brand promises say more than “This is what we do.”)

Do you think it’s important to inculcate your brand deep into your people’s psyche and behaviors? (5 Sure Steps to get your Team on Brand)

Sure, but first get comfortable with the idea that “profit” is not a four-letter word. (Why Making Money Means Thinking Beyond Profits)

But, you can always have ONE flagship product and then create variants of it. (How Malcolm Gladwell and spaghetti sauce helped me build a company)

Legal, Finance, HR, and IT

Do you offer IT products and service or consume them? (Expert advice: 6 key legal issues with IT contracts)

Productivity, Self Mastery, and Introspection

How much are you swayed by others’ opinions and judgments of you? What’s your most important anchoring tool? (The Greatest Tool Everyone Has at Their Disposal)

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