A Bias for Action Can Increase Your Ability to Learn

Roundup for Weeks Ending 9.18.16 and 9.25.16

“A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.” ~ Khalil Gibran

Today, as we drown in the ocean of information, bringing a practical focus to everything that we read and learn is increasingly more important.

little_knowledge_that_actsTo be truly effective in business, learning must go from an idea to an experiential realization. If that does not happen, we can’t make the new ideas practical and applicable to our business and out work. In other words, they don’t bring us meaningful results.

As you read one or more of these articles, ask yourself: What one thing can I pick up from these ideas and apply it to my business, work or life immediately? You may or may not find that one thing, but you will certainly increase your bias for action, which will ultimately get you more – and better – results.

Management and Leadership

Really? Competent managers – from the CEO all the way down to first-line branch managers – would know on a weekly basis if the new accounts were legit. (Wells Fargo CFO blames unauthorized accounts on under-performers)

LIFT, HR, IT and Facilities Maintenance

Stephan Covey called it the P/PC balance: Production vs Production Capacity aka how to not kill the goose that lays the eggs. (Slashing Facilities Maintenance Costs by 50%)

Is there a chance that at least one of your employees has the potential to be dishonest? (See How Employee Dishonesty Insurance Saved A Company $500,000)

Does your mobile device policy restrain or free up your employees? (Is your hardware fit for a mobile workforce?)

Branding, Marketing, and Sales

Nothing wrong with being a little obsessed with your brand! (How to become a brand-watching sleuth)

Is your business or your team due for a re-brand? (Circling Ourselves: The Story Behind Asana’s Rebrand)

Whatever will we do with the massive amounts of data generated by our machines and devices? (Unleashing the power of data analytics to drive improved business performance)

Do you manage a sales team? Disclaimer: I have not used the profiled tool. What’s important to me is the fact that we now have a lot of information on prospects. If I had access to such tools 15 years ago when I was prospecting like crazy for a startup of my own, I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven. The flip side: Salespeople out there have a lot of information about us! (How to Discover Everything About Your Prospect From a Single Email Address)

Should the influencers you recruit to speak on your behalf be as passionate about your values as you are? (The power of influencers)

Productivity, Performance, and Mindfulness

Always open to ideas on improving the notorious to-do list! (The perfect to do list – and how to make one)

40 Productivity Tools for Your (Startup AND Established) Team: Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Project Management and more.

OK, I tried the 2-minute version and it was quite good! Why not give it a shot? (Stressed? Start a #meditation and #mindfulness habit with QuietKit (for free))

Opinion and Commentary

My prediction: Increased automation of work will create more demand for our human dimensions – creativity, emotion, awareness, wisdom & intelligence – not less. (Rise of the AI bots: the fundamentals of white collar workplace automation)

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