Misconceived Notions Hide True Learning

Weekly Roundup Ending July 31, 2016

Myths often develop when we begin to pay too much attention to the popular business press and take their word on what’s right and what’s wrong, on what works and what does not. Buying into myths can inject dysfunction in our teams and our businesses.

Irrationaly_Held_Truths_IITwo examples of such myths are in leadership & management and in the idea of “mindfulness.”

I think that we give the art and the skill of management too much of a bad rap by believing that all managers need to be leaders. In working with over a hundred companies, I have found that nothing can be further from the truth. Businesses, small, large and all size in-between, need both management and leadership skills. A business can’t function well with just one of the two.

Another one is the idea of mindfulness. The misconception here is that it’s a “practice” that should be followed. Being mindful is simply being the consciousness or awareness that we already are. It’s not something to reach for and “practice.” When we make it a practice to follow, mindfulness becomes something that’s tedious and unpleasant. Truly being aware results in a sense of pleasant calmness that makes us clear-minded and, strangely, more productive.

To that end, the material I share is meant to get you to think out of the box more than to educate and inform. I hope that you try some of this stuff in your world and make your own judgments about what works and what doesn’t. With that…

Leadership, Management, and Recruiting

Hiring – getting the right people onboard – is the most important thing a leader and a manager ever engages in. (Hiring to win: Why it’s easier to fix a broken product than a broken team)

But first, do you know what your ideal candidate looks like? (Expert Interview with Steven Rothberg on College Recruiting)

With a caveat that a boss needs to be both a leader and a boss. A myth is developing with these “leader vs manager” articles that a boss must be a leader and not a manager. A boss needs to learn how to do both* and choose the role she is required to play in a given situation. (3 Key Traits That Differentiate You From A Boss and A Leader)

Bottomline: We love our smartphones! Leader-Managers: How can you use this trend to improve your employees’ engagement and performance? (Released: 2016 Mobile Productivity Report)

Sales, Marketing and Branding

How do you convey to your customers the amount of thought and care you put into the development of your products and services – without saying it the way everybody else does? (The age of Innocent copycats is over: welcome artisans)

I will add that the process of revitalizing a logo – the dialogue amongst people about what your message is and if the logo is a good representation of that message – is just as important as the logo you come up with. Revitalizing a company’s logo is an excellent opportunity for its people to realign around its core marketing message. (3 Undeniable Reasons You Need a New Logo – Better Than Success)

Research, Development, Innovation, and Operations

Is your marketing team disconnected from your product team? Are your marketing efforts disconnected from your product development efforts? (What Happens When You Combine Product & Marketing)

Productivity and Mindfulness

Do you live so much in your head that you forget to live? (What being crap at wood carving taught me about perfection!)

Is the mind full when one “practices” mindfulness? Hmm… (How Being Mindful Can Help You Make Better Decisions)

‘Til next time,

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