True Learning is Not afraid of Truth

Weekly Roundup Ending 6.26.2016

One of the objectives I have in putting out this content on a daily basis is not necessarily to immediately solve a problem in your work or business with a trick or a strategy. That may or may not happen. My real intent is to get you to question the assumptions we make about things, about certain aspects of our business, our teams, our work and our people.

You may or mDecartes Quote Seeker of Truthay not be helped by the strategy or the trick that’s shared by a particular article. But you can certainly take a fresh look at an aspect of your work, your business or your people and perhaps develop some fresh insights that may make your work more effective. That may mean that sometimes we question some of the commonly accepted wisdom and assumptions behind how a business is run and how work gets done.

Recruiting is by far is the most important task that a manager can engage in, so we start with some thoughts on recruiting…


I disagree with the core premise of this article which is that “The future of HR is analytical and, well, more intelligent.” Recruiting is a very human affair and making it strictly data and intelligence driven sucks the soul out of a business. I think the future of HR is recognizing and honoring of our inherent humanness, which goes way beyond intelligence. (How Analytics are Transforming the Hiring Process)

How do you make sure that your employees are emotionally engaged, right from the get-go when you interview them? Tap into what their “pain” is, which covers all three layers of their brains mentioned in this article! And remember to make sure that you lay out what your expectations are if and when they come to work for you. Don’t ever beg or flatter; make it a business partnership. (Neuro-Recruiting: 5 Ways To Tap Directly Into The Candidate Brain And Influence Decisions  Recruiting)

Sales and Marketing

A story is an indispensable marketing tool. But a story does not always need to be told in words. Sometimes, a picture can tell stories that words can’t. Ask yourself: How can I use data visualization or infographics, even if it’s not a map, to tell my story? Pictures are also a great way to look at your business’s story from a yet another perspective. (7 Compelling Visualizations That Show The Power and Value of Maps)

Speaking of which: “…sales and marketing teams must be aligned.” Consider having a joint meeting between your sales and marketing teams frequently so they are in sync; and while at it, get them to develop a story together. (Closing the Gap: the Road to Quality Leads)

Here’s a good first step towards defining your personal brand. But don’t stop there. It’s the work of a lifetime. Bonus point: Develop your personal brand as a story! (Creative Personal Branding  – Find Your Brand in 4 Easy Steps)

Now that you have a story to tell, you might as well forget that you have one and focus on the stories that other people have to tell. If you remembered only one thing the next time you attended a networking meeting, this would be it!  (How To Open And Master The Art Of Conversation And Networking)

Leadership and Management

The problem today in management is not that there is not enough advice out there; it’s that there is too much. Judging by the number of books on sale at Amazon on the subject, there are over 100,000 theories on management and leadership. How do you pick (or create) the right one for you? Ask me the next time we meet! (70+ Free Resources For Becoming a Better Boss)

Consider this before you meet with your staff next time: “… ditch the chairs!” It could work especially well in meetings that you want to keep hyper-focused. But I think a good manager will also conduct meetings where things do get a little personal . When things get personal, we become engaged. (How to Get The Most Out Of Your Management Meetings)

Customer Service

“Focus on People, Not on Personas” and “Merge Product Development and Customer Development”: Among some nuggets of insight in this article. (Should You Listen to Your Customers’ Needs or Do They Even Know What They Really Want?)

LIFT (Legal, Insurance, Finance, Taxes), IT & HR

For the in-house IT management team, a company’s employees are its customers. So why are they not consulted for input in IT initiatives? (Why employee consultation matters with new IT projects)

Personal Productivity and Performance

There is only one reason why I have a to-do list (and I do have it), which is that it frees me up to do whatever I want to do, even if those things are not on my to-do list. But that’s me. Do you suffer from the dark side of the to-do lists? (Do Your To-Do Lists Damage Your Productivity?)

Thanks for reading. I will be back next week with more! Until then…

Wishing you a very Happy Success,

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