Being Human Never Gets Old

Weekly Roundup Ending 6.19.2016

Here’s a roundup of everything I shared with you last week, albeit with a slightly expanded commentary. I hope you find at least one piece of information that you can take away and apply to your work or your business.

21679-a-consistent-thinker-is-a-thoughtless-person-because-he-conforms-IIThe immediate intent of what I share with you on social media is to provide actionable ideas to help your business and your workplace in a meaningful way. But the more important reason, at least from my perspective, is to get you to think about the issues you face on a daily basis in a new light and bring a fresh perspective to them.

As you might know, I share these resources with the mindset that human awareness, the life-force of our people, is what ultimately drives our business. And, of course, it all starts with managing our people right…

Leadership & Management

Radical Candor! It sounds so good in theory. The real question is how you go about being radically candid! Being radically candid, for some bosses, could become an excuse for being obnoxious and insensitive. “I was just being radically candid!” Yeah, sure. (Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss)

Why not try managing people with questions instead? Questions are the most important tool in recruiting. But they are even more important in managing people. What I like about the questions presented in this article is that they don’t just “test” the technical aspects of a candidate’s expertise but also their mindsets and attitudes. (10 Sample Marketing Job Interview Questions & Answers From HubSpot’s CMO)

I have always believed that “being human” is more valued now than it was before and will be increasingly more valued in future! (Ignore soft skills at your own risk)

Speaking of which, are you tired of kicking a*s to get your people to do things? Try some of these statements with your employees. Better yet, create your own positive reinforcement statements and test them out, combined with some questions. You may be shocked to see the results. (You Should Hear These Sayings From A Boss)

And finally, in many, if not most workflow software implementations, we put mechanical automation over (human) intelligence and awareness. This, in my opinion, is the primary reason a vast majority of software implementations become a disappointment or at least a daily struggle to get the results out of. That issue applies here somewhat. (Powerful Project Management for Regular People)

Customer Service

It’s important to please the customer, even when it’s difficult because customer retention has a compounding effect: “The longer you keep customers, the faster your business will grow.” (How to create awesome Retention Curves from Mixpanel Cohorts – what you need to know)

Here’s a good analogy: Workplace as a Performance Stage. The customer to me is the audience: They can’t always describe what they exactly want but will know when they get it. The theater director is the manager or the CEO of the business. (Today’s Workplace Is A Stage, Not An Office)

And a couple of good ideas here on how to provide consistently good customer service.  (A Quick Guide To Providing Amazing Customer Service)

Marketing & Sales

In my work with clients, I have found – and so have they – that what makes them truly unique is always there even when – especially when – they don’t think it’s there. This uniqueness comes from the fact that their business is made of people, each one of whom is a unique individual among the 7 billion on this planet. Once they see that uniqueness, they can build their brand, and sometimes rebuild their whole business, around it. (How to Embrace Uniqueness And Discover Your Secret Weapon)

The question then is: What is a brand? This article puts it well… “A brand is a promise that lives in the minds of consumers.” (Branding 101: Brand vs. BRANDING)

And to fulfill that promise we must think of new ways of reaching out to our customers or revisit the old ones.Was direct mail it ever dead? I still check my snail mail every day. (Direct Mail is Back from the Dead)

No effort to reach our prospective clients is complete without the personal touch of a human being. However, who says that effort can’t be helped by technology? A Sales Stack is a suite of sales tools built into a unified solution to help the sales process. Here’s a good collection of sales tools at every step of the selling process. (2016 Will Be The Year Of The Sales Stack)

And we can always benefit from some research to make those personal touches more meaningful. Use these wisely! (6 Advanced LinkedIn Prospecting Tactics for the Outbound Sales Rep)

Productivity & Time Management

As much as I like to accomplish and achieve things, I am always afraid that I will overdo the “productivity thing.” I think there is a level of automation where it’s an overkill. As of late, I would rather be engaged with my life than automating it. But I get it that you may be different and would like to automate at least some parts of your work or life. Here are some terrific tools to help you do that. (Automation Resources)

Or… Pick just one thing from this list to try or create one of your own productivity tricks. (Hint: Your own trick will be the best for you!) (8 Tricks For Boosting Your Productivity At Work This Week)


And finally…”Keep your friends close, enemies closer,” as the Godfather would say. I think Nadella of Microsoft made a crafty move partnering with Salesforce while buying LinkedIn in the background. (Satya Nadella explains in a sentence the real reason he bought LinkedIn … and Salesforce should be worried)

I will be back with more ideas and insights next week.


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