Unique Selling Proposition: Confidence Lost

Do you ever wish you could just start the whole thing – your business, your career or your life – over? You know, a do-over.

I have a better solution for you, at least as it relates to your business (may also apply to career or life). I believe that you can have a business do-over even while running it. In fact, I think that doing the do-over while running it is better than dissolving the whole thing and starting over.

Where do you start? Simple. Start with your Unique Positioning Statement (USP) or the core narrative of your business.

There is a catch, however. You will find that writing the USP for your business is one of the hardest things you will ever do. And get this: Rewriting your USP is even harder. I am not trying to discourage you! Just pointing out where most businesses go wrong in developing their narratives. They expect to whip one out in a staff meeting, a half-day workshop or a two-day seminar.

In my experience, working on the USP is a life-long process that takes quite a bit of mental effort and time – at least at the beginning – and then a regular gut-check with it. This does not have to be a bad news, however. In fact, I think it’s the good news. Why? Because when we do it right, it unleashes tremendous amount of locked up energies that can be used to build our business and manage our life. No more having to attend those motivational seminars! When we get this process right, it becomes one of the biggest sources of motivation and inspiration for us and for the people in our business.

The question then is: Why don’t we do it? A simple reason: We have lost confidence in ourselves. You see, in the end, developing a liberating, cathartic, stimulating USP is not about your business, your clients or your products and services. It’s about You – individually and collectively! That’s what I talk about in the following article.

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