Unique Selling Proposition: Why Have It

We all have blind-spots in our professions. You know, the stuff that we should know but we don’t and it ends up “getting” us when we are least expecting.

In my work with mid- and small-size businesses, I have noticed that most business owners and leaders also have their blind-spots. If I were to pick the one that’s most dangerous, it would be the fact that they give so very little attention to their Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

A strong USP goes far beyond affecting the marketing and sales results of a business. A compelling USP has the ability to transform an organization from the inside-out. It can transform its sales and marketing results, of course, but also bring its various departments on the same wavelength and affect its morale, teamwork and communication.

A weak USP, on the other hand, scatters a business’ energies and dilutes the effectiveness of its efforts. 

This subject is important enough, I believe, that I am writing a series of articles meant to serve as a step-by-step guide. The first article in this series helps you clarify if you need to have a strong USP and offers 4 questions you can ask yourself and your team for crafting a compelling USP.

>> Read it here:  Unique Selling Proposition (Why Have It and How to Craft It)


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