Simple Small Business Plan Template: How to Write a Dynamic Business Blueprint

It’s a known fact that most business owners and leaders either never write a business plan or write one that’s an intellectual exercise and does not help in the actual running of the business.

Many business owners I have come to know recognize that they need a business plan. But they are overwhelmed by the amount of work it would take to write what’s traditionally accepted as business plan.

When we use some of the traditionally available tools and templates, the writing of a business plan can become a theoretical exercise. I should know. I once wrote a business plan that was more than 60 pages long! Such business plans can win business plan writing contests, but they are a little help in the actual building and running of a business.

The simple template I present here has been tested through time. I have used it with dozens of business owners in helping them build a business plan that’s simple, actionable and as dynamic as the business it’s written for.

Instead of a 60-page business plan, this simple, 2-page template allows you to create a Dynamic Business Blueprint. When properly developed and used, it becomes the guiding path for the day-to-day running of your business. It also unlocks your locked up energies and channels them towards the building of a thriving business.

>> Download the template here: Small Business Plan Template (How to Write a Simple Blueprint for Your Small Business)


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