Kids Movies with Songs

“Keep me away from wisdom that does not cry, philosophy that does not laugh, greatness that does not bow before children.” ~ Khalil Gibran

Do you consider yourself a kid or a kid at heart? If not, get ready to be one as I share with you a selection of Kids Movies with Songs!

I think Holidays are a time to reflect on and clarify what we are all about. In my experience, the best place to be to figure it out is not in our heads but in the hearts where children naturally live. These movies are sure to bring you back in touch with that part of you that is always here, even though you may have thought you have grown out of it.

To help me put together this list, I hired the services of two experts: my two daughters. So here’s what we picked. Consider it a Holiday gift from my family to you and yours. We wish you fun, laughter, joy and good times for this Holiday season and for the year to come.

More here: Kids Movies with Songs

Wishing you a very Happy Success and Happy Holidays.


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